Monday, 9 December 2013

Welcome to my BLOG

Hi There
Thank you for visiting my new blog! I hope you find it interesting. I had been tossing around the idea of doing a blog for months and finally just went for it. Nervous for sure but am having fun doing it! 
Lots of people comment on my craft projects on Instagram wondering how I did it so this will be a good place to tell you about about my projects.

I choose the name of this blog "focus on the little things'' because I have come to really love this quote. After having Eli I really needed to realize I had to not take everything so seriously, not worry about the mess still working on this and just enjoy what was happening and worry about the other stuff later. You sometimes get so busy that you don't think about the little things. So I am focusing on the little things the things that I enjoy. Here I hope to keep you coming back to read and inspire you do to something that you enjoy.

A little about me:
My Favourite color is purple
My husband Aaron and I have been together 9 years and married for 3
We have one son Eli
I love taking pictures
I love french fries
My ProjectLife albums are like children to me, people make fun of me
I love crafting and making things 
I love photo books
I could eat steak everyday
I love chandeliers 
I sometimes say silly things and my family keeps a journal of my jumbled up sayings
I am kind of obsessed with online shopping and Etsy
I love instagram and maybe post to much
I hate clutter need it clean, tidy and organized 
I love to organize 
I love making lists and checking things off
I love printables
I drink 1 orange vitamin water a day
When I was pregnant I ate a lot of brocolli 
I wish I was taller
Aaron and I's brother's are both named Tyson
I love the movie Pearl Harbor seen it about 30 times
Enjoy catching up on my shows CSI, Greys, Modern Family
I was very sad when two of my shows were cancelled 90210, Pan-Am
I am not an outdoors person but love spending the weekend at a dusty racetrack
Did I say I love photos
I get sucked into reality tv shows like The Bachelor, and Extreme Weight Loss
I get up in the night and eat 2 oreo vanilla cookies 
I love the Friends TV show 
I made wedding invitations for over 20 Brides
I have an obsession with party plates and napkins
Target is my happy place
Im not a fan of cooking but can make a good meal 
I could stay in Target all day, I don't think I have ever spent less than $100 in there sorry aaron
I love to decorate
A&W Chubby Chicken burgers are my fav 
I am mad that Pinterest wasn't around when I got married but probably for the best 
When I get an idea in my head I need to do it now 
I am a huge planner I need to have a plan
I have been to Vegas 5 times
I have never had a Mcdonalds hamburger
When I retire I want to do it in Florida
Being a mom is great
I have one brother 9 years younger than me
I can be a little bossy 
I am the worst liar
I love my family

That list turned out to be pretty lengthy. Anyway I hope you enjoy reading, tell your friends and come back often my goal is to post 3 times a week on various different things:

Being a mom
Favorite things 

Eli and I September 2013

Take care

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  1. So pumped u finally went live!! This blog is fabulous!!