Friday, 7 November 2014

A Big Brother gift for Eli

I wanted Eli to have something special waiting for him when he comes up to see the baby. He is two and although I am sure he will love his new little sister the excitement will wear off. 

He is all about tractors right now so I knew his gift would be all about that. 

Three little tractors and a big one to match his other sets at home. A tractor puzzle and a Big Bro shirt I purchased from Etsy.

I can't wait to see Eli hold the new baby for the first time I picture it in my head all the time but I just can't wait to see it in real life. Eli is so sweet and gentle and kisses my belly quite often but very gently and so softly.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Pregnancy Cravings & Mr.Clean

For the first few months I was off food. It was pretty depressing cause I love food and I love steak and I couldn't eat it. I couldn't go in the pantry or the fridge. Then around month 4 when I bounced back the cravings started to come. 

-Sausage, pork sausage, breakfast sausage, smoked sausage, you name I liked it. We defiantly had it about twice a week for supper. 


-Oatmeal Cookies

-Orange Gatorade

-Sandwiches with mayo

-Soup at Blackbeards, I have them on twitter and check religiously every morning for their soup of the day and rush over there for the Beef Barley, Chicken Barley or Rice

-French fries of course not really anything new I crave these all the time. Eli and I have been frequents at Dairy Queen after naptime for an Arctic Rush and a small fry.

Then one night I was laying in bed and I could smell Mr.Clean it was just in my nose. I don't use Mr.Clean around the house after cleaning my dad's office building for years and using Mr.Clean in the bathrooms I really didn't want to ever smell that again. But in that moment all I could smell was the beautiful fresh lemon scent and I needed more of it. The next morning we rushed off to Walmart for Mr.Clean and baby brain set in and I got home and couldn't believe I had forgotten the one prized thing I went there for. I txted Aaron and asked him to stop at the store and bring home the biggest bottle of Mr.Clean he could find for lunch. 

Things started out pretty normal I thought I would wash the kitchen cupboards you know a nice fall cleaning. Washed the floors it was magical the smell was great I came in from getting the mail and it was like walking into heaven, the next day though the smell was gone so I washed the kitchen counter after breakfast with some Mr.Clean that was lovely but again the smell was gone.

I wondered if they made air fresheners of this bald man cleaning solution. So like any normal person I googled it and ya no such thing. So I got out a shot glass and filled the glass with some Mr.Clean and set it beside the sink it was just what I needed a fresh breeze of it everytime I walked past the sink. Perfect.

Well things have got a little more intense around here and now in the morning I fill the sink with a cap full of Mr.Clean and water and it sits all day! It's working out really great. 

Don't worry all I have asked my doctor and done tons of googling it is safe. Especially when diluted with water and we have a pretty big house with lots of ventilation Im not sitting on the couch watching Ellen with a bottle of it and im certainly not drinking it, but I shall warn you when you come over be prepared to smell Mr. Clean.

Just for future reference incase any of you other pregnant gals have a craving for Mr.Clean I purchased this 2.5x Mr.Clean gel, thinking I would get more bang for my buck but the smell isn't as great and its a gel not a liquid so just buy the regular stuff!

Anyone else have any interesting cravings?

Friday, 24 October 2014

Our Pretty and Pink Nursery

Even before I was pregnant with Eli I knew the babies room would be yellow and grey.We didn't find out what we were having with Eli so it worked great as a gender neutral room.

It was my favourite room and I still loved it to this day but once we found out we were having a girl I had to go full on can you not!

We didn't need anything for furniture as Eli is out of the crib and into a big boy bed. So it was all in the details. I jumped right into to Etsy and found a pink grey and white polka dot blanket on the Posh Pea Boutique, and started from there. 

I bought all the bedding and pillows on Etsy isn't Etsy just the greatest they have everything! Although dangerous I love the site. 

After I got over the shock of being pregnant in the first place I purchased this black and white blanket I really love it I am a font person and this was just me. I think it goes perfectly with her room.  

So here is the room complete with polka dots, and pom poms 

Everytime Eli walks into the room he says "oh wow" 
We are pretty much ready for baby check back next week and see what we have packed for the hospital and a special treat for Eli when his sister arrives 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Gender Reveal

We were on the fence about finding out the gender but late in August we decided we would. We decided on a balloon box gender reveal and had our photographer do something up and capture it for us. 

I had a feeling it would be a boy so was shocked and obviously super happy when the pink balloons came out. It is great now to have one of each. Eli doesn't quite understand I don't think that there is a baby coming home with us but when we ask him about the baby he always kisses my belly and just recently has started pointing to the carseat at the door saying where baby? 

Here is some pictures from the gender reveal
Photos: By Starr Mercer Photography (She is great we love her and her work)

Monday, 20 October 2014

I am Back!

I am back again!
I applogise for going months without blogging. The summer went by super fast and I can't believe in 5 short weeks our baby will be here.

We spent our summer at the park, the outdoor pools, the racetrack, and took 3 race holidays. 

Eli loves it outside and loves it at the racetrack. He is such a good traveller and we are thankful for that.

We travelled through North Dakota racing and then to Iowa for more racing we managed to get in some fun family time at some waterparks and ate at my favourite restruants. Cravings were big this summer and we had to take care of those. 

The best part of summer is fresh vegetables I loved getting fresh veg from Aaron's grandma's farm. I ate cucumbers like they were going out of style. 

Aaron and I took a trip alone without Eli we were gone 6 days to Boone for Supernationals it was a great trip. Hot weather, good racing and a we came home with a Top 4 finish in the big show. So proud of Aaron. Our team ate a total of 16 famous Boone Supernational steak sandwiches. I am not sure if that is embarrassing or an accomplishment all I know is they were great! Eli had a blast at home but when we arrived home he realized hey my parents left me and now I am going to make them pay for it he gave us a few days of terror but we managed. 

We took on a lot of projects this summer and accomplished most of them!
Our backyard got finished

Eli moved to a big boy room and a big boy bed The Nursery was changed from a neutral yellow and grey to a pretty and pink room once we found out we were having a baby girl. A post about those rooms to come soon 

We did lots of crafting took home 7 feature wins and most importunely just enjoyed the summer with Eli he is at such a fun age and we love it.

I am feeling well-and looking forward but somewhat nervous to bring a new baby home we are all ready and I am nesting up a storm and being super weird at the same time. I am obsessed with sausage, garlic crackers, mr.clean and organizing.

Check back soon I got lots of fun stuff to share!