Friday, 13 December 2013

Rag Tie Banner

I still don't have a home for this Rag-Tie Banner but I thought it was cute and super easy to make so had to make one! 

I had a bunch of fabric laying around from previous projects so I cut the fabric into 4''x24'' strips. Didn't use ruler and didn't really measure just free handed it with fabric scissors. The edges don't need to be perfect.

I used thick yarn as the string for the banner and tied the fabric onto the string you like you when tying a tie. 

Once I had all your fabric tied onto the string I moved them around to have them the same distance apart. I used an iron to flatten and take out some of the wrinkles in the fabric. 

This would work great for background for a photo shoot, birthday banner, or table skirt for a party. For now this is hanging on my basement wall until I find a place for it! 

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