Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas Table Decor

I love decorating and I love party planning. So I am the one who takes care of decorating and setting the table for Christmas supper. 

I first set a theme, pick colors, and then go to my drawer of party plates and napkins. Let me know if you ever want to come shopping in my drawer I have an obsession! Here is a few photos from last years Christmas

Name Tag, Candy Cane and a Chocolate

This year we are hosting Christmas Eve, and Christmas Morning so lots of decorating for me!

Christmas Eve 

Theme: Red Santa
Colors: Red, Black, and White 
I got these plates and napkins from Target. 

Went with a plain black tablecloth and used a roll of wrapping paper as the table runner. Wrapping paper works great because if you spill something on it you can just toss it out after!

A simple vase with some silver and black balls in it for the centrepiece in the middle and small christmas balls ontop of the runner. 
We used our red dish set and the plate on top is more or less for decoration, for now but used for a dessert plate.

Super simple and ever so pretty!

Christmas Morning

Theme: Waffle Bar
Colors: Brown, black, red and green

I seen the idea of a Waffle Bar on pinterest and thought it was the perfect idea for Christmas morning because it doesn't take any time at all and you can do the prep work before. 

I used the brown paper I purchased from Staples and laid it out over our countertop. 
Picked the bowls and trays that I was going to use for the breakfast and placed them where they were to go. Then used a black sharpie and drew on the brown paper labelling what everything was.

I plan to prepare all the toppings the night before and then in the morning just have to prepare the waffles.

I am going to make two different types of waffles a plain regular waffle and a cinnamon waffle by using the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls.

Crushed Oreos
Icing Sugar
Whip Cream

Christmas Dinner

Theme: Blue Ice
Colors: Silver, Blue, White 

I am using a beige white tablecloth and a silver scarf from Ardene as the table runner.
Beige plates with blue napkins on top.

Christmas crackers have been a family tradition ever since I can remember. I bought these at the Wholesale club and printed off name tags for each one and tied them on with yarn. 

Again a centerpeice made with misc christmas ornaments. We are having lobster this year so we have the butter trays for everyone complete with a wine glass and some more sparkle.

Super simple to decorate the table up and it is really inviting to sit at. 

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