Thursday, 5 December 2013

the PURPLE chair

I fell in love with victorian style chairs a few years back and knew I had to find the perfect one. I went to a few garage sales, looked online and found ones that would be lovely but would also set me back about $3000. So I kind of set it aside but always kept looking for one. 

Until one day a lady posted a picture of a chair she found at HomeGoods on Instagram. I just about fell over it was big, victorian, beautiful and you guessed it PURPLE my favourite colour. I had to have it and spent the next 2 hours searching to find the closet Home Goods store, and that was about 10 hours. I couldn't sit still because I needed this chair. I realized about 11:30 that night a friend was going to be travelling up here through Minneapolis and could probably snag it up for me. Did i forget to mention that this chair was only $129. 

So yes she was a doll and called around to several stores and found one that would hold the purple chair until she got there. She fastened it in her backseat and brought it up here for me. A true friend right there! 

the 'purple' chair

So once she was home she got to stay upstairs for a few days so everyone who came over could admire her. Then found its home in my craft room. The perfect addition and the perfect PURPLE chair! 

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