Monday, 31 March 2014

Artwork Display

I love doing crafts with Eli, and had to find a spot in the house to hang all of these projects.

We had a blank space on the wall that is beside our fridge. I hung 3M hangers on the wall and made a little Banner for his artwork, and it is as simple as that.

I put clips on his pictures and then hang them on the hangers.

After I did all this I was surprised I never used clipboards since I love those. 
Cipboards are a perfect way to hang little kids art especially if you have more than one child you can have it all hanging on one clipboard and keep adding to it. 

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Easter Decor

I am wondering when the trend of mint will be out, for now its totally in and totally all over my house and closet. 

Funny story: while in Florida we headed to a car show downtown as we started following eachother down the street we noticed we were all wearing teal coloured shirts, looking like a bad staged family photo. People started commenting cute your all matching, oh you must like that color. Yada Yada. Was totally embarrassing, I said to Aaron the next person who says something Im going to say were not even together. 

Aaron's dad thought it would be funny if we posed infront of this matching car. People walking past as we stood there had a nice laugh. Moral of the story shop for different coloured shirts, and always look at eachother before you head out of the house.

Back to the Easter Decor

I had a vision of a tall mint colored Easter Tree with brown bag easter eggs, you can buy Easter tree's at the store but thought I could make one for far cheaper. I trimmed some branches off my mom's hedge bush your welcome mom your hedge has been trimmed and spray painted them.

Used a vase I had around the house and filled the bottom with white tissue paper. 

The whole thing was pretty simple I got these small white stryofoam eggs from Dollerama and just stuck them right into the sticks. 

I only decorated the front table of our house so its not to overwhelming like Christmas decorations can be. I put some extra eggs in some white dishes and made a small Hoppy Easter sign!

Mallory and I made these cute paint chip egg shaped banners last year, but do you think I can find it! It's in one of those safe place places, and will find it sometime in May I am sure. 

Eli and I have been doing lots of Easter crafts. We made easter eggs with washi tape. I also find a lot of free printable pictures on google or pinterest for him to color. 

Mallory and I plan to do a fun craft with egg cartons will keep you posted! 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Quick Canvas Painting

I was in the mood to paint something so used a small 8x10 white canvas I had and dipped a toilet paper roll in the paint and simply stamped it right onto the canvas. Can't get much easier than that! 

Monday, 24 March 2014


My first Julep box arrived while I was away in Florida for a week and I rushed right over to the post office to pick it up.

This is what came in the box

2 Julep Nail Polish Colors of which I would never buy these colors but that is the great thing about this box it gives you things you wouldn't normally think to buy. I love this gold shimmer color, and I am going to paint my nails this evening. 

Julep Mighty Nail and Cuticle Cream Again something I wouldn't buy but should buy as my cuticles do need some love and now they are going to get it!

The best of all was this Rock Star Hand Creme which couldn't come at a better time as soon as I boarded the plane home I could feel my skin drying right up I put this stuff on my hands and instantly they felt smoother and better. Plus its smells great. 

All these products you can find on their website for purchase, but check out there monthly box subscription to receive all these fun goodies like I did today. 

Here's a few photos from our trip back to Florida. Eli is walking now and it was a whole new world for him to run and play in the grass. He just loved it. 

Happy Monday to you! 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

FREE Printable- Uncluttering Things to do Everyday

Below is a FREE printable of the 

8 Uncluttering Things to do Everyday. 

Simply save it to your desktop print and hang in your home as a reminder. I have mine on the inside of my pantry and one on the inside of my cupboard door. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


When watching the Oscar's a couple weekends ago Matthew Mcconaughey said something in his speech that stuck with me. Three things in his life he needs to survive

Someone to Look up to..
Something to Look Forward to..
Someone to chase..

I wrote it down in my phone that night wanting to remember to think about these three things. So here is what I came up with

Look up to: I look up to Aaron. He makes me be a better person, and helps me work with my flaws and makes me want to be a better person. Despite what people may think about a husband and wife who work together we honestly work so good together his ideas bounce of my ideas and vise versa and we make things work perfectly. I am thankful for all he does for us which allows me to work from home and do the things I enjoy. 

Look forward to: I look forward to watching Eli grow, I can already tell he has a great personality and I can't wait to see him learn new things. I look forward to seeing our family grow and the life we are making for eachother. I don't wish each day away but I look froward to the next day and can't wait to see the what new thing Eli will learn to do or say next.

I chase: Memories. This might seem weird but I chase everything we are going to do. The trips we will take the holidays we will go on the supper's we go out to eat. All the things that I love documenting in my Project Life books. I chase these up coming memories we are going to make and look forward to doing them. 

I would love for you to take part in this- write it down in a journal or just think about it. 

Monday, 17 March 2014

St. Patricks Day

St. Patricks Day 2014

Isn't it crazy to look back at photo's from only a year ago. How much they change. Photos from St. Patricks Day 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Scrabble Art

I am not the inventor of this cute little project but spotted it on pinterest and thought I better do it. I have added another thing to my love list with the color mint and that is block letters these scrabble letters fall right in that category.

I got this idea in my head and like anything else once it's in my head I have to do it NOW. So I went to Dollar Store, Dollar Tree and Walmart in search for a game of scrabble and no luck. They have these flimsy paper pieces in the scrabble game now, as if! So I was totally bummed out and then thought maybe my granny would have the game so I txted her and then my mom just to see if she happend to have the game and both of them txted me back and said they had it. I could have saved myself  a trip 3 trips had I asked them first. 

What you will need:

                                    -Canvas or any thicker material 
-Paint if you wish to color your surface
-Scrabble Letters
-Hot Glue

I was going to paint the canvas but decided on keeping it white, most walls in my house are darker so wanted it to stand out.

Laying out the way you want the letters to be took the longest. I wanted everything to fit nicely but still have room to add more names at a later date.

I started with TURNBULL and then went from there.

I am happy with how it turned out.

I also completed this canvas painting a couple weeks ago at a Pinterest Night at the Art Gallery in Estevan. I painted the canvas and then dry brushed a white over top of the grey, then made these darling origami flowers out of old books. 

I love having homemade art and projects hanging in our house. 

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Olive Box

I am so excited to talk about my Olive Box Subscription

I have never tried any monthly subscriptions other than magazines, and I came across these fun little subscriptions that come to your house monthly. There are tons out there from beauty products, jewellery, to craft boxes, even boxes for men. This particular one is all about paper and lifestyle goods. 

Greeting cards, pens, stamps, stickers, journals, artwork, home decor it is always a surprise.

Each month you get handpicked items boxed up in fun packaging and shipped right to you. Who doesn't like getting mail and better than that presents! That is what Olive Box is based on receiving snail mail and pretty packages in the mail. It is a nice surprise now that we are in an electronic age. 

Each month on their blog  they give you a sneak peek of what you can expect in your box plus other fun giveaways all throughout the month.

The monthly cost is $25. plus shipping for me in Canada it worked out to $32/month. I haven't recieved my box yet but am waiting at the door! 

So if you love paper goods, home decor, and getting mail then this is for you!

Here is some other ones that I have found that might interest you. I have also signed up to receive the Julep box. 

Julep- Beauty products picked for you based on your beauty style. $40+ worth of product sent to you monthly for $19.99 plus their latest and greatest shades of nail polish. Take their quiz and you get your first JULEP box FREE. Use the code FREEBOX at the checkout. 

Whimsey Box- DIY Craft Kits for Kids 

Adventure Trunk- 4 Kid Activities and Crafts a month 

Bezel Box- Handpicked unique jewellery $29.97/month 

Grover and Friends- Mens fashion

Trendy Box-  Jewellery and Accessories 

I can't wait to share with you my first box! Follow me on instagram for up to date pictures 

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring Cleaning Update

I usually dive right into projects and rarely come up for air. It can be dangerous but I can't seem to do it any other way. 

I was the one who said in my Spring Cleaning tips make a list and tackle one room at a time. I do tackle one room at a time but I do it all at once so by the end im exhausted. It was all worth it this time. 

Half way through my cleaning a friend showed me a project she was taking part in. 

40 Bags in 40 Days

A project she found on White House Black Shutters blog. Look her up for some great inspiration. A brilliant project. Get rid of that clutter in your house. I was SOLD

So I had already started with my piles:

But then decided to go through the whole house again get rid of even more clutter, junk, and stuff I don't need anymore.

I went through every drawer, cupboard, basket, and closet. As of now this is my count

Garage Sale 21 bags/totes/items
Garbage 14 bags
Donate 2 bags 

Total: 37 bags 

These bags don't need to be big black garbage bags or even actual bags 5 of my garage sale bags are 1.Coat Rack 2. Exercise Bike 3. Massage Seat 4. Convection Oven 5. Chair. and some of my garbage bags were just grocery bags the concept is come out of each room space, drawer, closet with a bag of stuff, weather it be garbage or stuff your going to sell, or donate.

Aaron seen the one side of our garage that is stacked high with bags, totes and garage sale items. He told me to calm down, he was just kidding, and slightly worried him and Eli would end up in the pile if I didn't take a break! 

I invite you to take part in this as I thought it was super fun! haha super fun to clean that would be me! But I found it fun checking off my list and keeping count of how many bags I had. I hope in the next few days to get 3 more bags.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Favorite Things

Here is a few of my favourite things right now

Orange Vitamin Water- this has been a staple in my life for a while now. I need one everyday I feel like it gets me through the day but I know it's just all in my head, but they are refreshing. 

Cool Mist Humidifier- I felt the house was just to dry, and it was I brought home Aaron's humidex meter from work and it was only 21% in the house. Which by the meter says is too dry. So I have been running that thing like crazy and am up to 38% right now which is healthy breathing it is almost like a game for me but Im really trying to get it over 45% which is a normal comfort zone.

Kids Shopping Cart- This one is Eli's favourite thing Obviously! but we got him one to get him to be more confident to start walking he has been walking around furniture for a while now but just doesn't have the balance to take right off so he has been shopping around the house for weeks now and loving it, it so darn cute he just motors along saying 'bye' the whole time, and then the other night he started walking it was precious and now crawling is for the birds and we walk everywhere now! 

Jimmy Fallon- Weird Favorite thing ha! but we started watching Jimmy about a year ago he is just so hilarious. He just made the change from doing Late Night to the Tonight Show.  I was worried he wouldn't be able to do his funny skits and games since being on an earlier time slot but he brought them all over. Thank You Notes, Hashtags, Charades, Pros and Cons and the best part being his monologues. 

Anything Ampersand- This is the trend right now and I am all over it. With shirts, and pillows, and decor. Aaron thinks it's hillarious he said the other day 'really taken to the & hey'. Anyway got this pillow case from an Etsy shop and patiently but not really patiently waiting for it to arrive. I also got a t-shirt from Obviously Chic. Check out their website for lots of cute t-shirts. 

Now for the sad part of the Favourite Things...
I have had a pair of Old Navy Pajama' pants for 10 years yup thats right 10 years, they are the best pants ever. I wear them all of the time. They are spandex, cotton, and something else I can't read whats on the tag anymore. There blue with little light blue circles. I have never found anything like them and I am super sad to say... I think they are on there way out. I noticed the other day while folding them you can practically see right through them, the bottoms of the pants are ripped from Axle tugging on them when he was a puppy, and now there is a rip in the leg part. I just can't get rid of them though. Let me know if you have any comfy pj's as I am going to have to get some on order