Saturday, 21 December 2013

Favourite Things Christmas Party

Last year my friends and I decided to do a Favourite Things Christmas Exchange. Oprah always did a Christmas Fav Things episode and it was so fun to see her things. We had such fun doing it last year we decided to make it an annual thing.

I had so much fun all year round picking out things to use for this years exchange. So we have 4 girls in our group so you buy 3 of the same thing or things and each person goes home with 3 different presents. 

Below is what we received this year 

Taunia's Fav Things

Decorative Napkins
iPad case
Washi Tape
Ellen Mason Jar
Printable (Shopping List, and To Do List)
Picture of my favourite quote
I color cordinated each girls gift to their personality. 

Tarryn's Fav Things 

Victoria Secret Pajama Shirts 
Monogram White Coffee Mug
Homemade Poppycock

Andrea's Fav Things 

Vanilla Tea
2014 Planner
Coffee Mug
Essential Living Oil Samples
Water Bottle
Small Whisck

Mallory's Fav Things

Mason Jar
Cupcake Cups
Fridge Magnet
Small Spatula
Honest Lip Balm
iTunes Card
30-Minute Cooking Magazine
Laminated Family Favorite Recipes 

It is so neat to see other people's faves, cute simple things but all wonderful! We loved Mallory's recipe's that we all decided to do a few recipe exchanges throughout the year. 

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