Friday, 27 December 2013

Tradition Book

I made this tradition book in hopes to fill it with great family traditions. I think traditions are fun with children and look forward to there reactions.

I made this be a mini album since there small and easy to make a couple hard cardstocks for the cover, rings and, misc paper I had from ProjectLife kits completed this book. I kept lots of blank pages in the book, and will probably divide each child into their own section when we have more kids. 

I don't have many traditions yet but as we have more children and they get older we will incorporate more into this book so far these are some that we have. 

Santa Photo
Christmas Eve Pajama Present
Waking up to Birthday Balloons in bedroom morning of Birthday
Birthday Photos
I am.... (Age) Sign Picture
Easter Egg Hunt 

Each time we do a family tradition I put the photo from the event in the book. I like photos in any book so this is nice cause then you can see how things have changed from year to year. Do you have any neat family traditions. I would love to hear about them!

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