Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Wrapping

Most nights before bed I spend about 10 minutes, ok closer to half an hour on Pinterest. One night I was looking for a different way to wrap Christmas gifts and fell in love with brown paper.

Nothing is worse than wrapping something that isn't square and I am not a fan of gift bags, so I bought these brown boxes from an Etsy shop le box boutique. These ones were 10''x10'' and 4''deep. 

Other gifts that wouldn't fit in these boxes I got white large gift boxes from Walmart and picked up 30'' rolls of brown paper wrapping at Staples for $4.99.

The brown boxes were a little plain so I spruced them up wth 5'' strips of black Christmas wrapping paper. Wrapped around the side of the boxes.

Then used two colors of grey yarn and wrapped it around the boxes several times criss-crossing it each time.

I had printed these custom Christmas tag printables that I found on Pinterest and added them to a grey cardstock to make them a bit thicker hole punched the corner and tied it to the yarn.

They look great under our tree, and we are so lucky that Eli doesn't touch the tree or the presents under it! 

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