Monday, 23 December 2013

Favorite Things

These are a few of MY favourite things.

Dyson Upright Animal 

Dyson Digital Slim

DYSON vacuum. I don't work for Dyson though I should because I promote their vacuums everyday. The first vacuum there is the Dyson Upright Animal. Works great on carpet and hard floors. The thing about these vacuums is there is no filters it's just good vaccum. They don't lose suction even with the canister is full. My mom got me hooked on these and now I don't use anything else. Just before we had Eli my mom got us this Dyson Digital Slim as it is super light and works great for a quick clean up, and is cordless. This one charges and works for 30 minutes of MAX vaccuming. I use this on our hard wood floors and quick carpet cleaning. Works wonderful. For my birthday I got the Dyson Hard which is like the digital slim but works as a wet and dry vac. It comes with wet pads that smell amazing that fit on the bottom of the vacuum something like a WetJet, but the kicker is it sucks up the dirt and then washes the floor. I wouldn't use this as the way to wash my floors every week but it works great for quick clean ups like when your child spills a bowl of sticky peaches on the floor. If you don't have a Dyson your missing out. They are expensive but come with life time warranty. My mom's broke and they sent her a brand new one within a week. I may or may not have sucked up to much hair and got my spinner all spun up in hair and ruined it and they sent me a new head! so go on and and get yourself a great vacuum.

HGTV Magazine

I found this magazine while travelling through the states. I loved everything on every page. Crafts, decor ideas, home room makeovers you name it! I subscribed right away for 2 years at $38CAD. I just seen that Pharmasave in Estevan now has this magazine for those of you who were wondering.

Lysol Wipes

Lysol wipes. Not only do they work great I love the smell, use these everyday on my counter in the kitchen and bathrooms. Quick and easy!

If you know me I am the Queen of picture taking. Aaron learned quickly and just goes with it and smiles now! Shutterfly has the best quality and price for 4x6 prints. I order from there alot for pictures in my ProjectLife albums. They also have canvas prints, photo books and all sorts of cute photo gifts. All of the canvas prints I have in our home are by Shutterfly. They ship right to your door in bright orange boxes.

Throw Pillows

Pillows. I love pillows I think they just spruce the place right up. In our nursery I think we had about 6 pillows. I realize babies do not use pillows but they looked so darling I had to have them in there! On our bed we have 7 pillows. It drives Aaron crazy and he says he wishes he could have the hours back that it takes him to remove the pillows from the bed every evening, and he makes a huge deal every night of chucking them across the room. I like different colors and textures mixed together. I think they can add a little something to any room. If your looking to change the color scheme in your room do it with a pillow it's safer than painting! 

Softlips Pearl

Softlips Pearl. I use this everyday I have one in my purse, car, ontop of the kitchen clock, bathroom. Ok everywhere. It works as a moisturizer and has a tint of shimmer in it. I don't wear lipstick I only wear this. At the Target checkouts they have these there and I usually buy 5 at a time! 

Uniball Pens

Black Uniball pens. You won't catch me with anything else in my hand, and you better not let me find you with one of my Uniballs in your hands! I love these pens there isn't much else to say they are pretty pricey but worth it. I once ran out of these pens and had to use a normal pen like some sort of alien to finish journalling in my ProjectLife album and it was a gong show. NO good. 

I have a lot of favourite things so will blog about it again. Coming soon a post about my most treasured favourite item my Project Life books! 

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