Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Favorite Things BABY Edition

When you bring a baby into the house you bring a lot of other gadgets too. Some good some bad. These are a few of the things Aaron and I love and not sure what we would have done without.

The MamaRoo by 4moms.

The Mama Roo. 
My granny purchased this for us as a baby gift, and it was the greatest. We put Eli in this for all of his naps swaddled up and within minutes he would be asleep. He still at 15 months has his morning naps in here. It has 5 different settings, he likes the car ride one best. We travelled to Regina every two weeks for Dr. Appt's the first 4 months of Eli's life and he always slept the entire way I think it was because he was used to sleeping in the car ride mama roo setting. The MamaRoo is a little pricey but I think it is worth every penny. You can get it in 5 differant colors, and can buy other covers for it as well. We had the multi-colored one and the grey plush.

Medela Swing Pump

Medela Swing Pump
This little dream saved us. My milk came in and came in ALOT, but Eli had jaundice for 7 days and had plaster casts from his feet to his hips for his clubbed feet that it made it hard nurse we tried our hardest in the hospital but when we arrived home I brought out the pump and pumped alot of milk and then fed him by bottle it worked great and I was giving him breastmilk. After many nights struggling to nurse I thought you know I could just pump all his milk and bottle feed him so that's what we did and did for 14 months. I got a little info online and realized alot of mom's were doing this. Looking back I have no idea how I did it. When pumping exclusively you have to do just that pump exclusively. I would pump about 10-12 times a day. It was nuts, but it worked for us and we made it a part of our lifestyle. People would phone and be like whats that noise....ohhh your pumping. I pumped so much I was able to freeze over 400oz. of milk. The pump failed on me once so I had to get a new one, but at $219.00 it was worth it for us. 

Medela Quick Clean Sanitize Bags
Sanitize Bags
Because we were bottle feeding breastmilk we were also drowning in bottles. These little bags made it so easy to sanitize. After soaking all the bottle supplies in hot water and soap you put everything in this bag with 60ml of water put in the microwave for 1 minute and you are set. 

Bottle Nipples 

Hospital One Time Use Nipples
All the nipples that came with the bottles were just junk. We wasted so much breastmilk to stupid nipples. Wasting breastmilk was not an option around here and would bring a person to tears. These are supposed to be one time use nipples that they give you at the hospital but the truth is they are the best nipples ever. I stocked up on about 40 of these bad boys and am still using them. After sanitizing over and over they do wear out like anything so it is a good thing we took alot!


Aquaphor Baby Cream
Eli had awful eczema. It was the worst thing ever doing trial and error to find out what would help. We cut out all baby soaps and lotions. Used only Ivory Snow laundry detergent didn't bath in anything but baby oil and tried about 15 different creams and oils nothing worked. We resorted to getting cortisone cream and it took it away but would always come back. Then we found this in Arizona Eurcerin Aquaphor for babies it is the consistency of Vaseline and is greasy but it worked wonderful and would make the exzema flare ups less often. We still to this day have to watch anything that Eli touches he hasn't had a bad case of it for 5 months just redness but the Aquaphor takes it right away before it gets bad. This also works as a great diaper rash cream or for any dry or irritated skin.

Boogie Wipes
With Eli's skin being very sensitive it was hard to find something that didn't make him red. These work great, we use them everyday after eating or just a quick clean up. Fresh Scent is our fav smell, and we have a pack in every bag.

Aden & Anis Swaddle Blankets 

Swaddle Blankets
We had to swaddle Eli all the time so he didn't itch his face, these are wonderful because they are light didn't make him sweat and were super cute. I am a sucker for a cute pattern. We have about 8 of these blankets and Eli uses them for his blanket to sleep at night. 

SkipHop Circle Play Mat
SoftSpot Wozzy 

I got the SkipHop mat mostly because I liked the way it looked. I do that to often but most things turn out to be functional too so it works out good! This mat can be made into various sizes, and the pattern is just adorable. The brown circle mat I purchased from LussoBaby it is a 1'' thick 4' wide soft play mat. You can get colored plush covers for it we choose brown as it matched and blended in with our living room we started using it when Eli was 6 weeks old and still have it out now.

Baby Bullet 

Baby Bullet
Now this invention is great it is super easy to use and makes a ton of baby food in less than a half hour, plus then you know what is actually in your baby food. We also got the Baby Bullet Steamer and makes things even quicker. It comes with a small and large cup blender, storage containers with date dial, spatula and freezing tray. I cut up an entire sweet potatoe steam it for 13 minutes then right into the bullet with 1 cup of water and done! 
Here is some foods we have made
Sweet Potatoes
Green Beans
Peach and Oatmeal cereal

I hope you enjoyed reading these favourite things. I have a lot of other favourite things now that Eli is one and into different things. Will share again!

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