Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Decor

i don't go crazy and decorate the whole house but I like to have decorations and if you know me you know I like things to match and if it doesn't look good I am going to move it around a million times until it does look right.

we have a fake pre-lit tree, and it consists of purple, silver, and black balls I also have some special ornaments on there like some of which my grandma and me made years ago or ornaments I received when i was a child that have my name and the year on it. I have a wedding invitation ornament on there will post about it in a holiday craft post and now with little Eli here we have all his ornaments too so far just Baby's First Christmas ones and the footprints one we made last year. 

The tree is simple no bows no garland and strictly just white lights. I love lace and used this old lace table cloth of my grandmas on top of a square piece of purple fabric. I am not a rainbow person I don't like to see every color of the rainbow at once. Three colors or no colors at all. 

The rest of the decor is on table tops a combination of christmas things I have gathered. Vases, sticks, glitter, wine glasses etc. I am a huge fan of christmas balls in a vases. I think its classy and cute. I may or may not have enough vases. probably not though

A friend and I made this at a craft night one evening. Wooden letters from Walmart craft section painted several times, wood soaks up a pearl white then hot glued together with a pretty white bow to finish

This is the front table when you first enter our house. I love it, it is just a bunch of things I had around the house and decorated with sticks or christmas balls. Sticks from Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and Target. A few years ago. Can you count the vases...6. Ya and thats just on this table.

Christmas Countdown 

And this was one of my favourite Christmas projects this year. A Christmas countdown. This started out as a 16''x20'' mirror that I covered with cardstock. Printed numbers off and glued them to newspaper cardstock I had on hand, then used fishing wire and wrapped around the edges to make 5 rows. Then attached the cards with mini clothes pins. I look forward to Eli being older and taking down a number each day, for now I am doing it forgetting most days. Again more Christmas balls in a white tray with some silver Hershey Kisses.

our stocking mantle...

This is the only thing I am not satisfied with. I texted a friend to see if she would borrow me her mantle so I could hang my stockings on it. We don't have a mantle or fire place so there hanging above the patio doors right now! Aaron and I have had these black/grey stockings since we moved in together 6 years ago and I had them embroidered with our names on them. Not thinking ahead back then I really should have bought more because when Eli arrived I lost sleep over him not having a matching stocking it was a huge dilemma and I searched everywhere for something. I came across these white ones at Walmart and bought 6 haha. Not because we will ever have 6 children but you never know and I want to be prepared the thought of the kids not having matching stockings, well that would just be more sleepless nights! 

I love decorating for Christmas and it makes me happy to see it all decorated, but the minute Christmas is over all the stuff has to get gone. 
I wish I could branch away from the purple theme cause there are some really great color combos out there, but I just can't! 

What are your Christmas colors? 

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