Monday, 30 December 2013

Project Life

If you have ever been in my presence you know I love Project Life. My family makes fun of me but I love documenting our life through this photo solution. I started this in 2010 with the concept of taking a picture everyday 365 pictures in one album complete with journalling. Now 4 years later I am still in love with this project and LOVE looking back at the completed albums. 

I purchase all of my supplies from a Canadian website Scrapbookers Inner Circle. Everything Becky Higgins everything Project Life is available on here. Some supplies are now being sold in Micheals and Hobby Lobby stores but supplies are limited. Below is how to get started: 

You can add all sorts of things you want into it but the basics are provided.

Here are some of the kits they have available right now. Each kit comes with over 600 different cards to journal on. Prompt cards, title and last page cards all great paper quality. 

My granny just got this Family Heritage Edition to put all of her and my grandpa's photos into as a keepsake book for us. There is so many colors and themes you will have a hard time choosing but they are all great quality. They also come in mini versions to put together smaller books. Like this Wedding Edition below

And now I will just bombard you with pictures and pictures of my albums.

Cover Pages 

I use 12x12 page protectors to put in larger photos or news paper articles. The page protectors are big enough to slip in special memorabilia as well. Ticket stubs, receipts, name tags, cards etc.

I keep this small file folder in my office for misc things I want to keep to put in the book as well as organize the photos so they are handy when I have time to work on the album.

I also keep a packet of journal cards in the kitchen to write down random things I want to remember to put in the book like. June 4th- Eli crawled today. 

This is so simple to put together. I usually print batches of photos from and get them shipped to my door monthly. I can sit down in an evening put a months worth of photos into the book and journal in an hour! 

The big books can get overwhelming and now that I have 4 books they do take up quite a bit of room. They do offer a Digital version so you can make the books as small photo books from Shutterfly. I have been trying to switch to this way for a couple years but I like the physical book and adding little things into the book like Eli's hospital bracelets, movie stubs and that sort of thing. That and you have to wait a whole year to get the book printed, but you can also print as many books as you want so you could give each of your kids one each year as a keepsake. 

I invite you to head over to Becky Higgins dot com and check out everything she has to offer. She has just released the designs for the 2014 Editions that will be available soon. If you want to shop now go to where she has everything in her store for you there and shipped to you within days. 

Now go get started on your 2014 Project Life or catch up on a years worth of photos or vacations in no time at all! 

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