Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Our little Family

Aaron and I got married in October 2010. 

We own an Advertising business. Future Signs. Aaron started the business in 2006. People are amazed that we can work together and always wonder how we do it. It just works for us and I can't imagine it being any differant. I am thankful that Aaron allows me to work from home now that we have Eli. 

We spend our summer weekends at the racetrack. Aaron has won 3 track championships over 50 feature wins, and this season won the Dakota Modified Tour Championship. We race mostly in Estevan and North Dakota, but have also raced in Minnesota, Kansas, Arizona, Florida, and Las Vegas.

We welcomed our first child in September 2012. On my birthday yes I now share a birthday with our first son! What a wonderful present that was. He has made me be a more patient person and I fall in love with him more and more each day everyone says being a mom is wonderful but it truly is. Aaron is a wonderful dad and husband and would do anything for us. We love him.

And that is us, we are pretty boring people but we are healthy and that is all that matters!

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