Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Binder

Today I am going to share with you my BINDER. I wrote about it in a previous post and thought I would tell you more about the organization of it. 

I have four parts to the binder. All with pretty dividers. Dividing the book up into parts makes it more functional and easy to find things.

The front cover of my book is a bit of a mess right now, It is more of a stash place for important things I don't want to lose like gift certificates, appointment cards etc.


Eli's Stuff
Monthly Calendars
To Do Lists
Mail and Coupons 

In Eli's Section I have an up to date schedule of his daily routine. Emergency numbers and some charts that I got from the the have really useful printable pdf. files for you to use for free.
Here is some that I have used and are still using:
Breastfeeding Tracker
Sleep Tracker
Teething Chart

Also I have some of those papers I have saved from the Health Nurse that I think are important and I might need to refer back to.

Calendar Section I printed off my own calendars and fill in the date myself. I do the whole year and keep last years calendar in there as well as you never know when you might need to refer back to it for birthdays or previous appointments etc. 

To Do List Section here I have misc lists and papers to write on for different things we need to take care of around the house. 

I have also started stashing some recipes I have found into this section too. It is nice having a binder book because then any sheet of paper you want to keep and not lose you just hold punch and then it's in there.

At the back of the book I have clear page protectors one for Coupons, Bills to pay, and Letters that need to be opened. When I get things I just slip them in there and then its less likely they are to get lost or thrown out. 

I find it easy to have everything in one place, When I need to pay bills I just take the binder to the computer pay them all online and then file them away. I don't have to look around in misc piles for everything. 

When making a book of your own think of what sections you want first and then go from there. Pinterest offers lots of great printable calendars and organizational papers. If you need help in making your own binder give me a shout Id love to get you started! 

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  1. You need to become a professional organizer and hire yourself out! Someone like me, who has good intentions of being organized but always fails at it, would definitely pay for something like that!