Thursday, 13 February 2014

GUEST Post Mallory's Favourite Things

Guest Post Day with Mallory Oleshko a good friend of mine since Grade 9. A wife and mother of two darling little girls. Adeline 2 years and Amelia 9 months. 

Married in August 2010 

Girls Vegas Trip 

These are a few of Mallory's favourite things! 

I am a black coffee lover so I was thrilled when we bought a Keurig and seen all he different kinds of coffee you can try. I love that you can choose from four  different cup sizes and can have a different flavour of coffee with every cup you make. My go to coffee right now is Caribou Medium Roast.

Fisher Price Fish Aquarium
Both of my girls love the fish aquarium and was a life saver on nights when they didn't want to go to sleep. They would watch the fish swim and listen to the soothing music then eventually fall asleep. It comes with a handy little remote, so you can start it again from the door and don't even have to go in.

Sleep Sheep
It is a perfect travel friend for the girls they love listening to it and usually fall asleep so thats an extra bonus. Plays 5 different sounds and has two settings for how long you want it to play for.

Apple Tv
Not sure about you but I am terrible and returning movies to the movie store. This way I never late charges and don't have to leave the house to rent a movie. It also keeps me updated on new movies that are out and you can also watch Netflix on the Apple Tv which is  lifesaver when you can't find anything to watch on TV.

Mini iPad
I had the first iPad when it came out but never realized how big it was until I reicieved my iPad mini. It is perfect and fits nice in the purse or diaper bag. I love that I can take it with me anywhere and kill time on it if I am waiting for an appointment. Also when travelling I can surf the web and pin away as it is capable to hook up to the 3G network.

If you are interested in talking about your Favourite Things on the blog send me an email I would love to have you guest for the day. 

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