Friday, 21 February 2014

Our Florida Trip

We are back from 10 days in Florida, and it was perfect wish we could have stayed longer! Isn't that always the way

Eli is a fantastic flyer and slept all of our flights 4 in total. I get upset when people give you the glares when you walk onto the plane "oh great a baby" what are we not supposed to fly because we have babies, but we are lucky and Eli is good on the plane.

Quick Story Eli has learned to say bye and it says it to everyone he see's it really is the cutest thing ever as he yells BYE and waves. He did that to most everyone as we walked through the aisle to our seats as we got to our seat he said BYE to the lady ahead of us and she turned to her husband and rolled her eyes 'oh great there is a baby behind us' I just about bopped her on the head, but I held it in and sat down. Eli was standing on my lap looking through the seats and he said HI. She turned around and said 'oh you don't look sleepy' in the snippiest voice ever at that point I hoped he screamed the entire flight why do people have to be so rude. I admit before having children I might have cringed at the thought of a baby beside me on a plane but for real babies are cute and fun! Eli fell asleep as soon as we were in the air and woke up 15 minutes before landing. As the seatbelt sign went off and everyone bursted out of their seats she turned around and gave us another glare like as if we had the worst baby ever. I gave her a nice smile and Eli said hi again...some people just need a chill pill.

Sorry my quick story turned into a long story! but while we are on flying stories these things just boggle me

1. Wanting to be the first one on the plane, everyone just falls over themselves as soon as they page boarding for flight 1458, Spoiler alert your going to be on the plane for the next few hours why make it longer

2. Why do they board the plane front to back? Does back to front not make more sense? Now I am in seat 17 but I have to wait for 3A to get his oversized carry on in the overhead bin.

3. Seatbelt sign is off ya I like to stretch my legs like the next person but lets all just lose our minds trying to get up and in the bin first, and then stand all squished together while breaking your back. Better try and get a few rows ahead you know cause I will only meet you at baggage claim where oh yes we will wait again! 

4. Im not sure if I am the only one who has thought of this idea but if everyone just took 2 steps back from the baggage conveyer we would all be able to see the belt and quite possibly get your bag faster. I get a real kick out of the 6'8 guy who has to be right up front practically on the belt. 

Anyway the holiday we had a great time in Florida. A pool 100ft from our back door and a large pool with kids pool and sand just a short walk away. We walked every morning which was so nice.

One of the best things we did was bring a small blow up paddling pool we put water in it and sat it beside our chairs and Eli splashed and played in that alot. He loved the water and to my surprise the sand he doesn't like a mess something like his mom but he really enjoyed the sand. 

We did some site seeing but mostly just pool and beach. Florida sun is hot! but you don't realize it till the night when you are as red as a lobster. 

Ate at Cracker Barrel twice it is my favourite, especially the chicken noodle soup. Side Note: not proud of this but when I was pregnant we were in Bismarck racing for the weekend I was craving the soup so bad I went by myself and ordered two bowls of chicken noodle soup. I didn't want to seem desperate so I kept checking my phone and watch so people thought I was waiting for someone not just a big pregnant girl dining on two bowls of soup by herself which I was.

At the beach I brought a flat sheet instead of a blanket it was much easier to shake off at the end of the day. We also brought the pool to play in. One guy walked buy and thought it was hilarious 'you see that they brought a pool to the beach' I wish we would have done the beach more as Eli loved the sand and he could crawl anywhere where as at the pool he couldn't crawl around. 

We are back to routine now and I am in a huge declutter mode. While in Florida at the condo you don't have all that jazz that clutters up your closets we only had the things you actually needed. You don't have a hundred tupperware lids crowding up the cupboard  6 spatulas and a pantry full of junk you have what you need. We did perfectly fine that week with one basket of toys and not five.

So for the next week I am going through each part of the house making piles of keep, toss, sell, donate. I will post about my cleaning journey as well as my Spring Cleaning List I do every year. Also next week a tour of my home office.

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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  1. I hope that lady gets a kid behind her on her next flight like I had on my way to Williston.I think she was with grandparents .I asked to change seats but there wasn't an empty one.Continuous screaming and kicking-the child was about 3.Had never experienced any trouble like that before.So I know now how bad some can be.