Friday, 28 February 2014

Organizing those Baby Toys

Toys can get overwhelming, we don't have that many toys yet but I anticipate over the years accumulating a lot more. For now we have a large leather toy box and in there keeps all Eli's toys. Along with a bucket of things he plays with often, both upstairs and down. 

In the leather box I have small Dollar Store tupperware containers to hold pieces of things like:

-Little People
-Train Set Animals
-Puzzles and Pieces

When Eli is done playing with those they all go back in there designated container so that they don't go missing.

One of the families that I babysat for when I was young had a wonderful way of organizing their toys and I plan to do this in the future. The idea really avoids all the clutter and mess of the crazy amount of toys kids have especially when you have more than one child.

They used large totes and separated everything into their own spot: 

My Little Pony
Tractors and Trucks
Little People
Kitchen Play Food
Action Figures
Games and Puzzles

As well if there is special toys the kids get that are their own toy. A box labelled with their name on it for their special toys would be a good idea as well. 

All the totes were lined up in the toy room and if we played Barbies we would haul out the Barbie tote and play. It kept everything together and helped during those meltdowns 'ohhhh dear where is Princess Barbies pink skirt' you don't spend half your day searching for it because everything is kept in one place. 

Eli has a book case in my craft room where all his books are and I love how clean and neat the books look in there. He spends lots of time on the floor in there looking at books

In my craft room I have a shelf designated for Kids Craft Stuff

Kids Play
Learning Books
Coloring Books
Markers and Crayons

FYI I got a lot of cute Sesame Street dry erase learning books at Dollar Tree, they offer a lot of cute Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Elmo etc. learning books for ABC, Colors, and all sorts of things. I have also got a lot of board books and colouring books from there for 1.00-2.00. At Walmart colouring books can be over $10.00.

I can't wait for the day to have a room designated to toys and organize and decorate a fun space for the kids to play. For now I just have spots around the house for kids play activities. 

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