Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Sentimental Things

Do you have special items that you could never part with. I have a few that I will share with you today.

These blue rose petals were once a Valentines bouquet from Aaron in 2006. Yup thats right almost 8 years ago. I had never seen blue roses before and loved these I hung them upside down to try for probably close to a year and then put the petals in tall vases. Although getting pretty dusty they remind me of our First Valentines. 

Purple Ring Box. One day while looking through some of my Grandma's things I came across this velvet purple heart shaped ring box. A note inside that said My Engagement ring box July 5, 1952. It meant so much to me that it was my Grandma's and how neat to be purple our wedding color. On the day of our wedding it held our wedding rings. This box sits on my jewellery stand and holds my wedding rings when I am not wearing them.

Welsh Love Spoon. My Grandparents gave this to Aaron and I on our wedding day. The spoon came all the way from Wales. Where my grandparents and dad are from. The spoons are hand carved and decorated with symbols of love. A special thing we hang in our home from Wales and from my Grandparents.

Wedding Vase. This vase was on the guest book table at the wedding. A In Memory Vase full of flowers dedicated to the people who were not at the wedding but defiantly there in spirit. This vase sits in our home office now.

Promise Ring and Necklace. This I received from Aaron on the day we graduated high school and the ring was from him on the Christmas we celebrated in our first apartment almost 7 years ago I hope to pass these down to a daughter one day. 

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