Monday, 17 February 2014

Pregnancy and Baby Memory Keeping

These are two of the books I used to first document my pregnancy and then to document the first year of  babies life. I got both from Chapters 

The Belly Book
By: Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This book is a month to month journal to keep track of your growing belly

A section about mom and dad and family when you found out you were pregnancy, cravings, quirks and week to week journalling with spots for pictures of your baby belly. It is really neat to look back on the things you did while pregnant and for me will be interested to see how pregnancy compares from one to the next. Each week has different prompt questions so it's not boring or your not searching for something to write about. The book has lots of room for keepsakes and ultrasound pictures as well as a place to track doctor appts. 

The Baby Book
By: Amy Krouse Rosenthal 
A 12 month book to document the first year 

Same idea as the first book but on a month to month basis instead. Each month has room for a picture and weight and height recording. As well as simple questions to write about.

It takes you through all the firsts. Mother's Day Fathers Day Chirstmas. Spring, Summer and all those fun firsts teeth, crawling and food.

I like these books because they give you the questions so it's easy to document, plus give you a modern book. I have these books displayed in Eli's room and have books awaiting in the closet for a new pregnancy and first year so the kids can have the same books!

This author also has a few other books. That I would like to get

The Birthday Book- Keepsake Journal from Baby to 18 on Birthdays
Grandparent Book
Sibling Book- Journal a sibling would make for a new baby coming into the house. Baby's first Year According to Me! 

Also books found on Chapters Indigo online from 12.99-18.99

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