Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Household Manual Book

One day I went into the cupboard above our stove and all these papers came crashing down on me. The papers were all books and manuals from things we have around the house. When Eli came around he brought alot of gadgets with him and although men never need the instructions I think its best to keep them around just incase something goes wrong with them. 

So I made a binder for all these manuals, instruction books, and warranty papers. All in one place. So if the washing machine goes on the fritz I know exactly where the book for it is. I just hole punch each packet and slip it in there. 

I also have a ziploc bag at the back of the book for misc parts that go with things you know when they send a few extra screws for something and then you toss them in the junk drawer to never be found again. This way there in the book and labelled for what they are. 

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