Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Post Secret Books

I realize lots of you will have probably already heard of these books but I thought I would talk about about them today. While browsing Chapters one day I came across these books, at the time there was just one edition out.

The books are all about secrets, people anonymously send in their secrets a regret, fear, confession, childhood humiliation anything. 

The author of these books first began by leaving postcards in random places asking them to write down a secret and mail it back to him anonymously. All apart of an art project he was putting together. A lot of postcards came in and he began posting them to a website the website was viewed by millions of people and he now has published 4 different books of all these different secrets. 

I have read the books over and over again they are very interesting, scary, shocking, I have kept these post card secrets pretty low key. Check the books out for some real secrets!

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