Tuesday, 25 February 2014


If you havn't noticed there are two things I really like. Lists, and memory keeping!
I have too many journals and books dedicated to this sort of thing but you know there are worse things. I almost dream of sitting in the nursing home when I am 90 and looking through all my treasured Project Life books and journals. I bring this up to Aaron everytime he chuckles at me for taking a PL picture. You will enjoy looking back at these books when your older! 

Here are a few of my favourite journalling books:

My Daily Book

This is a plain 5.99 journal from Walmart that I spiced up with some calenders and frilly's this book is more or less a book I can sit down on the couch with and write down blog post ideas, shopping lists for the City, goals, recipes I see on tv. Just misc things. I have had this book since 2011 and it is still not full its not something I write in everyday honestly I don't think I wrote in it the whole time I was pregnant.

Q&A Book
I seen a friend posted about this book on Instagram and instantly had to have it what a good idea it was. This book is a 3 year journal for you and your partner to fill out each day it has questions everyday and a spot for each of you to write down the answer. It will be fun to see each year how your answers have changed.

Q&A Book for Kids
They had this book for children as well so I had to buy that to have on hand. I am still thinking of the perfect age to start this. I am thinking between 10 and 12. There is room in the book for 1 or more kids to write down their answers.

My Quotable Kid 
I am most excited about this book and to have somewhere to write down all the silly things kids say and do. After babysitting a friend of mines 4 year old this past year, I realized how funny kids can be. 

So, I think I love you book
I got this book several years ago at Target mostly because I liked the way it looked. I still don't know what I will do with this book but most likely a journal for the children to write in. But I like the school paper look of the inside of the book.

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