Monday, 6 January 2014

Yearly Calendar Journal

I started this little calendar last year wanting to record Eli's first full year. It is a daily calendar that is reused each year. Everyday you write the year and something that you did or happened that day. The fun of it is looking each day at what you were doing the year before and years later how things have changed. 

What you need for this project:

365 Index Cards
Coloured Cardstock
A box to keep your calendar
Date Stamp and Ink Pad

I used this old Roxy watch box for mine but you could use anything. Browse the shelves at Dollerama for a small little box. Your box is the first thing you want to find because you will need to determine the size you want your cards to be so they will fit in there.

If needed cut your cards down to fit in the box

I made Month Dividers a little taller than the index cards so they can divide the months. I printed the dividers on a thick cardstock and am thinking to even laminate them since they will need to hold up for 10 years.

The part that will take the longest is stamping the cards with the date. You can get a date stamp at any stationary store. Keep in mind you will just want to stamp the Month and Date not the Year. I placed a sheet of white paper on the table and when I stamped made sure the year went on the paper not the index card.

I made a cover for the calander as well with some paper and larger number stickers from the craft store. 

Now onto the second year of this it is fun to see what you wrote down last year. There is 10 lines on the index cards so this will hold 10 years of memories.

I keep the box in the kitchen so I remember to write in it everyday! 

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