Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Our Home Mini Book

Is it too obvious that I love Mini Books.

This one is all about our home. 

I went around our house taking pictures of our home some full room shots but mostly detail shots of our house. Inside the pantry in the drawers, things on our shelves, pillows. Little things that are neat to remember. 

I didn't journal much just let the pictures do the talking. I did however write in the inside cover about where and when we moved into the house. I also left it blank at the end of the book to write when we moved from this place. 

I made this book about 3 years ago so I am going to update it with new pictures from around the house since things change and we now have toys on or shelves and new furniture and completed renovations.

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  1. and I have some photos from before the house got set down if you want them