Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Whats in My Purse

A womens purse can be a real disaster. I try to keep it under control but lets be honest it always ends up in a mess. 

I like a big purse. Especially now with having a baby its easy to slip a diaper clutch in a bigger purse. Husbands hate big purses unless they want to put something in it then its all good but im sure this has all happend to you they ask for something and 6 days later you pull it out. Im not sure why but everything seems to go missing in there.

Right now I have a pink leather bag I got from Pharmasave. It's big and has one small zippered compartment, and here is what is in it: (LtoR)

Baby Aquaphor
Asthma Inhaler
Victoria Secret Hand Sanitizer
Nasal Spray
Pink VS Lotion
Memory Card
Animal Crackers and Baby Crackers
Pink Target Gift Card Holder
Lug Grey Wallet
Gift Certificate for Eddies
Softlips Pearl Lip Balm
2 Christmas Cards I need to deliver
Makeup bag
Receipts Receipts Receipts 
Can Coozie from a wedding I went to in September been in there a while

and a special treat for you whats inside my jacket pocket:

Grocery List from two weeks ago
Softlips Pearl Lip Balm 

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