Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jewellery Orgnization + How To

Below is an earing holder I made out of an old picture frame

It's quite simple this is what you need:

Picture frame, single of folded frame whatever size you want
Colored Cardstock
Hot Glue

I first took out the glass from the frame and painted it white. This happend on accident but I loved how it turned out. I was trying to paint quickly and put the frame on newspaper before it was dry and it ended up sticking to the frame shocker but it left little words here and there and added to the vintage look I was going for.

I cut two peices of cardstock to fit in the frame and then cut two peices of lace about an 1/2'' all around bigger than the cardstock. 

Hot glue the inside edges of the frame and lay your fabric in be sure to pull to the edge tightly hot glue over the fabric along the edges and lay your paper ontop you can then use the backing of the picture frame and close up the frame.

This is a bracelet holder I made out of an old hairspray can

To many necklaces ya I know...

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