Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Organizing those Baby Clothes

I was overwhelmed with baby clothes after coming home from my baby shower. There were so many and in all different sizes. I decided to sort them by size and item and then put them in totes until I needed them.

I sorted by:

3 Months
6 Months
9 Months
12 Months
18 + Months

If some sizes didn't have much I would bundle them with another size example 6-9 Months I also had lots of the same item so I made bins for just one thing:

9-12 Month Pants
N-3 Month Sleepers 

And made a Holiday Bin for all those occasion shirts for Valentines, Christmas, First St. Patricks day etc. 

Was a whole morning of folding and sorting 
Answer me this why is folding baby clothes so much funner than folding and putting away your own clothes? Just me? 

Umm look how small these are? These were my favourite onsies Eli wore them all the time 

I then labelled all the totes with easy to read labels and color coded for boy clothes with a blue dot in the corner of the label. I love how this has worked and it is like going shopping when you open a new tote of clothes.

I am getting to have a lot of bins but alot of Eli's Newborn-9 Month clothes are practically brand new he wasn't crawling yet and just sitting around so the clothes arn't wore out, and will be perfect to use again or hand me down to a family member. 

Your probably thinking now where do you keep all those bins there is a lot. Well in behind the door in my craftroom they are stacked to the ceiling. I love looking at them it makes me feel happy or its the OCD coming out.

Happy organizing! 

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