Thursday, 9 January 2014

Closet Office Nook

I needed a space in the house that was central to take care of simple tasks and have my BINDER the binder that keeps me on track has calendars and calendars and keeps all important papers and mail before it is filed, its a big binder but it keeps me on track. 

For a long time I had it on the end of the countertop in our kitchen, it worked good because it was there for me to reference to throughout the day but it was on the counter and in the way. So just off our kitchen we have our laundry closet and across from that we have a tall two door linen closet. I thought one of these shelves would be perfect for my binder. So a couple months ago I  cleared everything and organized it all and left the writing height shelf open. 

It has worked great. I have books on one end. Important papers in files, and of course my binder in the middle. I prettied it up with pictures and jars with supplies. Excuse the mess it is a little cluttered right now.

It was a good chance to organize the whole closet. I got fabric bins from Walmart and put everything in its own place, I am a huge labeller and did just that for these.

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