Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

We had a wonderful holiday season, about a week before I couldn't believe it was already here and now a week later its all done and over! We are lucky enough to have all of our family close by so we don't have to travel during the holidays.

Christmas Eve we opened our traditional gift of pajamas! 

We hosted that night at our house with Aaron's family. Cooked steak and jumbo shrimp and it was delicious. Eli wasn't that into opening presents, he got a John Deere steering wheel complete with shifters, wipers and a radio from Grandpa Ed and loved it. Uncle Ty got him an excavator and dump truck and he has been very busy loading loads of lego!

Looking for Santa

Christmas morning we hosted my family at our house in our newly finished basement it was great. We did a gift exchange this year and it was fun.  Eli got lots of toys, books, trucks, a tent and a slide and swing set but the real hit that morning was his new shiny Corvette from Uncle Tyson and Auntie Taylor his little tent from Mom and Dad was a piece of history when this car came out. His feet can't quite touch the pedals yet so we have been on the back and driving him around the couch all week, he loves it and just smiles and holds onto the steering wheel like a boss and now we all have Uncle's gift to compete with each Christmas! 

In the New Car 

We had waffles for breakfast and a visit from friends before heading to my mom and dad's house for prime rib and lobster. Delicious. Was nice to have everyone home for Christmas and we ended the night with a battle of the sexes in a game of CatchPhrase. Boys won! Enough said game was intense as anyone would know if you have ever played CatchPhrase.

We decided to host a New Years Eve party with a few friends and play games and really break in our new basement bar. Fun was had by all and the margarita machine was played out by the end of the night. 

Eli had his first sleepover ever at Grandma and Grandpa's and I missed him so much, he had a blast of course and im sure had a great time ringing in the new year with Grandpa, Grandma while eating his new favourite vegetable thins! 

I made this cute banner on some cardstock  in under 10 minutes a quick and easy photo booth.

I attached christmas balls to everyones wine glasses to keep track of each ones glass and sparkle things up

Timer Photos are always a challenge as seen here.

After several attempts we ended up with the perfect angle with a tinge of blurry. All and all a great night! 

We are resting up now and hoping to get back into schedule. Eli has been sleeping in till 10:00am every morning. Great for me as I get a few more winks but nice to get back into routine. 

Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to inspiring you with tons of crafts, decor and organization tips this year! 

My first time attaching a video not sure if it will work or not! So if you can't see the video here head on over to my facebook page and watch this darling 30 second video I made with the coolest app Flipagram!

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