Monday, 13 January 2014

Home Printer

Do you ever want to pull your hair out? If you answered yes head on over to the Walmart Photo Lab. I shouldn't be so rude but I can't win with that place. So I gave up and have been ordering my photo's from if you sign up they send you great coupons you can order prints and have them shipped right to your door for a low price. 

Sometimes though you just want to print something right now. So I looked online for a home photo printer after doing some research I decided on this Canon Selphy Printer. It's small and super easy to use and comes in black or white. 

The printer sells for about $99. Ink and paper sets come in several different qty packs but run about $20.00 you can print 36 prints on an ink cartridge. 

It only prints 4x6 and smaller but the quality is great and if you just want to print some quick prints this is your machine.

The weekend was great finally warming up! The Christmas tree came down and the house is back to normal. 

Sleigh rides, football playoffs, tacos and late model racing it was a jammed packed weekend. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Oh my goodness samesies I totally got my home printer here is impossible so really the only way to go! Plus I got a cannon too..the P17720 or something like that and I have been SO impressed with the quality! I think you will be too!