Wednesday, 15 January 2014

One Little Word

I seen this One Little Word project on Ali Edwards blog. I thought it would be a neat thing to try.

The main focus of this is to pick one word at the beginning of the year and make that YOUR word. A word you want to live by a word that you want to focus on as you go about your day to day life. 

I started doing this in 2012 with the word 


This word helped me through the year and pushed myself to be stronger and greater in my life. It was a great year. I moved on from miscarrying a baby, getting healthier, dealing with un-expected deaths and news, in the later part of the year giving birth to our first son, and experiencing the new things that motherhood brings you. The word frequently made it into my days and made me a better person. 

In 2013, after being a mom for 3 short months, struggling with not  accomplishing everything I used to pre- baby, and not being able to stop and breathe when something didn't go right I decided the word


It was the perfect word for me and it really did make a difference. I posted this word in differant parts of my home so that I was reminded of it through out the day, so if and when something wasn't going how it was supposed to I could remember that. I really think this project helped me through the year. I still need to stop and breathe but I am getting better and that is why I am choosing  this word for 2014.  I think another year will keep me focused on this and push me to be a better mom and wife by being more patient.

You can go over to AliEdwards website and follow her journey and workshop for the One Little Word project.

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