Friday, 3 January 2014

Instagram Obsession

I like Instagram and probably post to much on there. Todays count 751. Follow me @tauniat
  I got thinking you know I have a lot of nice pictures on here it would be a shame if they all got deleted so I looked around for a way to print them and found a site called Prinstagram. You can print 2x2 or 4x4 photos as magnets, collages, stickers, or prints. 

A stack of 25 printed Instagram prints

I went with a 4x4 print and then found 12x12 page protectors to fit the photos and now I have all my Instagram photos in an album. Another album to haul out of the house in a fire! Aaron is going to have his hands full! 

I print a batch of instagram prints about every couple months. Shipped right to my door within a week which I am still boggled by as the shipping address is Japan. I wait weeks for packages that come from Arizona but this one from Japan comes in a week? Not sure but anyway if your interested in printing your Instagram photos check out their site.

Here is a few completed pages in the book.

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