Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Uncluttering Things to Do Everyday + Printable

Here are some tips to help you de-clutter the house, small little things to do each day!

1. Quick tidy each evening- Spend 5 minutes and do a quick run through of the home picking up the misc things that have come out of their places during the day. Put dishes in the sink, hang up the jackets, straighten the rugs, 

2. Take out the garbage- Even if the garbage isn't full take it out, by noon tomorrow it will be full and you won't have time to take it out and then by supper time it will be overflowing, then little fingers get involved and it turns into a process!

3. Don't leave a room empty handed- Take a quick glance before you leave is there things that don't belong there. A water bottle, a plate, a blanket on your way to the next room drop whatever it is back into its places.

4. When your down with something put it away- This is a big one for me. If you just do it now it will get done. If you don't clean it up you end up making another mess on top of it and bringing out another project and then the next thing you got a huge mess to clean up, and you won't know where to start. 

5. Do a quick vaccum everyday- This is where by Dyson Slim comes in handy. Do a quick vaccum of the kitchen and high traffic areas of the day and it won't seem like such a chore when you need to do a big clean 

6. Put away the clothes- I had to get rid of the fancy chair I had in our room as well as the exercise bike and the Baby Bjorn ha! All of these things ended up with a huge pile of clothes on them. Usually my clothes aren't dirty so my jeans or sweater don't need to go into the wash right away so I would hang my jeans on the chair but then forget about them. Put your clothes back in the closet hang them up or put them in the laundry basket do it every night or 5 nights from now you won't know where to start.

7. Do one thing a day- Pick a drawer, a closet, or a shelf that's driving you bonkers. Focus on doing one little thing to tidy it up 

8. Recycle Bins- Have one in the pantry and one in the garage. A smaller one in the pantry for bottles and a couple large ones in the garage for a drop off for all the bottles and one for papers.

Below is a printable you can use. I made these for the baskets in our front hall closet to separate everyday items. Just save this file to your desktop and print on some thick cardstock. I rounded the corners on these and put them on a different colored paper just to spice them up a bit. Hole punch a hole in the corner and I used clear fishing line to attach them to the baskets.  You could also laminate them to last longer 

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