Thursday, 13 March 2014

Scrabble Art

I am not the inventor of this cute little project but spotted it on pinterest and thought I better do it. I have added another thing to my love list with the color mint and that is block letters these scrabble letters fall right in that category.

I got this idea in my head and like anything else once it's in my head I have to do it NOW. So I went to Dollar Store, Dollar Tree and Walmart in search for a game of scrabble and no luck. They have these flimsy paper pieces in the scrabble game now, as if! So I was totally bummed out and then thought maybe my granny would have the game so I txted her and then my mom just to see if she happend to have the game and both of them txted me back and said they had it. I could have saved myself  a trip 3 trips had I asked them first. 

What you will need:

                                    -Canvas or any thicker material 
-Paint if you wish to color your surface
-Scrabble Letters
-Hot Glue

I was going to paint the canvas but decided on keeping it white, most walls in my house are darker so wanted it to stand out.

Laying out the way you want the letters to be took the longest. I wanted everything to fit nicely but still have room to add more names at a later date.

I started with TURNBULL and then went from there.

I am happy with how it turned out.

I also completed this canvas painting a couple weeks ago at a Pinterest Night at the Art Gallery in Estevan. I painted the canvas and then dry brushed a white over top of the grey, then made these darling origami flowers out of old books. 

I love having homemade art and projects hanging in our house. 

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