Monday, 10 March 2014

Favorite Things

Here is a few of my favourite things right now

Orange Vitamin Water- this has been a staple in my life for a while now. I need one everyday I feel like it gets me through the day but I know it's just all in my head, but they are refreshing. 

Cool Mist Humidifier- I felt the house was just to dry, and it was I brought home Aaron's humidex meter from work and it was only 21% in the house. Which by the meter says is too dry. So I have been running that thing like crazy and am up to 38% right now which is healthy breathing it is almost like a game for me but Im really trying to get it over 45% which is a normal comfort zone.

Kids Shopping Cart- This one is Eli's favourite thing Obviously! but we got him one to get him to be more confident to start walking he has been walking around furniture for a while now but just doesn't have the balance to take right off so he has been shopping around the house for weeks now and loving it, it so darn cute he just motors along saying 'bye' the whole time, and then the other night he started walking it was precious and now crawling is for the birds and we walk everywhere now! 

Jimmy Fallon- Weird Favorite thing ha! but we started watching Jimmy about a year ago he is just so hilarious. He just made the change from doing Late Night to the Tonight Show.  I was worried he wouldn't be able to do his funny skits and games since being on an earlier time slot but he brought them all over. Thank You Notes, Hashtags, Charades, Pros and Cons and the best part being his monologues. 

Anything Ampersand- This is the trend right now and I am all over it. With shirts, and pillows, and decor. Aaron thinks it's hillarious he said the other day 'really taken to the & hey'. Anyway got this pillow case from an Etsy shop and patiently but not really patiently waiting for it to arrive. I also got a t-shirt from Obviously Chic. Check out their website for lots of cute t-shirts. 

Now for the sad part of the Favourite Things...
I have had a pair of Old Navy Pajama' pants for 10 years yup thats right 10 years, they are the best pants ever. I wear them all of the time. They are spandex, cotton, and something else I can't read whats on the tag anymore. There blue with little light blue circles. I have never found anything like them and I am super sad to say... I think they are on there way out. I noticed the other day while folding them you can practically see right through them, the bottoms of the pants are ripped from Axle tugging on them when he was a puppy, and now there is a rip in the leg part. I just can't get rid of them though. Let me know if you have any comfy pj's as I am going to have to get some on order 

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