Thursday, 6 March 2014

Office Tour

This room once was a craft room, office, throw everything room. Since having Eli and working from home I needed a space to focus just on work. So my craft stuff moved downstairs and I did some organizing.

I painted this old blue armoire of my Grandma's white and added some crystal knobs last year. I like how it has doors and I can close everything away and not have to look at everything that is on my shelves. 

Inside I have binders, files, storage boxes from Micheals with things like: 

Paper Supplies

I like having a designated boxes labelled for things it makes life so much easier when looking for something.

On top I have a Martha Stewart desk organizer and file folders from Target for Mail and To Mail Piles. Also home for my Canon Selphy Printer. 

Small filing cabinet from Staples to file up to date things before filing them in a bigger file cabinet. The top I keep for business and the bottom is for personal things. All with labelled tabs for quick reference, and I love cilpboards so I have a wall of three of those for on the go things. Having the clipboards also eliminates the misc on the desk clutter. 

The table I purchased from Jysk several years ago I like higher up desks. It came with four stools. The stools are good if we are entertaining more people for supper.

I like a clean desk so not much happening on here. My desk clutter goes on top of the armoire or on the clipboards. The white leather chair is a bar chair I purchased from The lamp I got from Walmart and the calendar I made from paint chips and a picture frame, I kept the glass in and use a dry erase marker to write on it. 

The clock is from Target.

I love working from home and being with Eli but I do miss the customers and interacting with people everyday, but having a nice functional office to get my work done in is great! 

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  1. I think your craftroom is beautiful. Love the neatness and the white armour is stunning! My first visit. Found you whilst googling for Project Life bloggers. So pleased to have found your blog. Greetings from South Africa.