Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Spring Cleaning Update

I usually dive right into projects and rarely come up for air. It can be dangerous but I can't seem to do it any other way. 

I was the one who said in my Spring Cleaning tips make a list and tackle one room at a time. I do tackle one room at a time but I do it all at once so by the end im exhausted. It was all worth it this time. 

Half way through my cleaning a friend showed me a project she was taking part in. 

40 Bags in 40 Days

A project she found on White House Black Shutters blog. Look her up for some great inspiration. A brilliant project. Get rid of that clutter in your house. I was SOLD

So I had already started with my piles:

But then decided to go through the whole house again get rid of even more clutter, junk, and stuff I don't need anymore.

I went through every drawer, cupboard, basket, and closet. As of now this is my count

Garage Sale 21 bags/totes/items
Garbage 14 bags
Donate 2 bags 

Total: 37 bags 

These bags don't need to be big black garbage bags or even actual bags 5 of my garage sale bags are 1.Coat Rack 2. Exercise Bike 3. Massage Seat 4. Convection Oven 5. Chair. and some of my garbage bags were just grocery bags the concept is come out of each room space, drawer, closet with a bag of stuff, weather it be garbage or stuff your going to sell, or donate.

Aaron seen the one side of our garage that is stacked high with bags, totes and garage sale items. He told me to calm down, he was just kidding, and slightly worried him and Eli would end up in the pile if I didn't take a break! 

I invite you to take part in this as I thought it was super fun! haha super fun to clean that would be me! But I found it fun checking off my list and keeping count of how many bags I had. I hope in the next few days to get 3 more bags.

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