Monday, 20 October 2014

I am Back!

I am back again!
I applogise for going months without blogging. The summer went by super fast and I can't believe in 5 short weeks our baby will be here.

We spent our summer at the park, the outdoor pools, the racetrack, and took 3 race holidays. 

Eli loves it outside and loves it at the racetrack. He is such a good traveller and we are thankful for that.

We travelled through North Dakota racing and then to Iowa for more racing we managed to get in some fun family time at some waterparks and ate at my favourite restruants. Cravings were big this summer and we had to take care of those. 

The best part of summer is fresh vegetables I loved getting fresh veg from Aaron's grandma's farm. I ate cucumbers like they were going out of style. 

Aaron and I took a trip alone without Eli we were gone 6 days to Boone for Supernationals it was a great trip. Hot weather, good racing and a we came home with a Top 4 finish in the big show. So proud of Aaron. Our team ate a total of 16 famous Boone Supernational steak sandwiches. I am not sure if that is embarrassing or an accomplishment all I know is they were great! Eli had a blast at home but when we arrived home he realized hey my parents left me and now I am going to make them pay for it he gave us a few days of terror but we managed. 

We took on a lot of projects this summer and accomplished most of them!
Our backyard got finished

Eli moved to a big boy room and a big boy bed The Nursery was changed from a neutral yellow and grey to a pretty and pink room once we found out we were having a baby girl. A post about those rooms to come soon 

We did lots of crafting took home 7 feature wins and most importunely just enjoyed the summer with Eli he is at such a fun age and we love it.

I am feeling well-and looking forward but somewhat nervous to bring a new baby home we are all ready and I am nesting up a storm and being super weird at the same time. I am obsessed with sausage, garlic crackers, mr.clean and organizing.

Check back soon I got lots of fun stuff to share! 

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