Thursday, 5 June 2014

And then there were 4...

The news is out...

We are expecting baby number 2 in November.

We are happy, excited, and I won't lie maybe a bit scared! There is no right time to add another baby into the mix but we are super excited and can't wait for Eli to have a baby brother or sister. He says baby all the time no matter the age of the baby, child, or teenager! it's pretty cute 

This one has been a hard one, and completely different from my other pregnancies  my "taking a break" on the blog wasn't to prepare for a home tour post although I am working on it. I just didn't have time for the blog in any spare moment when I did feel remotely well I would dedicate that to work, and that was about it. The kitchen makes me sick, and so do my favourite foods, and things I have never liked in my life I can't get enough of. Now that we are almost into the 4 month mark I am waiting for energy to come knocking on the front door and hopefully it brings my favourite food steak back too. 

Now here is some pictures of how we announced our pregnancy.

Etsy to the rescue with this adorable shirt. Oh Snap! Im going to be a big brother. We snapped photos of Eli in his shirt and sent it to our family. Some caught on right away some needed a reminder to not just look at Eli's darling face but to read his shirt. 

I posted this jar of Prego to instagram. I wanted to do something a little less obvious and see how many people would get it, people did quickly! and thank you to you all for the love. 

We are on the fence about finding out the gender. I loved after spending 8 hours in labour being surprised with the gender of baby Eli. It was a rush and something you don't get to experience very often, but I think it would be fun to do a gender reveal. The picture lover in me wants the gender reveal pictures you get when seeing if it is a boy or girl combined with the pink or blue balloons just makes me happy. So we havn't decided yet were 50-50 we will most likely get the gender in an envelope and either throw it in the garbage or give it to Starr to capture some lovely photos. 

So that is that. BabyT #2. I have now added more lists to my day including. Baby Room, and Eli's big boy room, I have a list for my lists surprised..didn't think so! 

Thanks for all the congratulations we can't wait for baby to arrive in November! 

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