Monday, 3 November 2014

Pregnancy Cravings & Mr.Clean

For the first few months I was off food. It was pretty depressing cause I love food and I love steak and I couldn't eat it. I couldn't go in the pantry or the fridge. Then around month 4 when I bounced back the cravings started to come. 

-Sausage, pork sausage, breakfast sausage, smoked sausage, you name I liked it. We defiantly had it about twice a week for supper. 


-Oatmeal Cookies

-Orange Gatorade

-Sandwiches with mayo

-Soup at Blackbeards, I have them on twitter and check religiously every morning for their soup of the day and rush over there for the Beef Barley, Chicken Barley or Rice

-French fries of course not really anything new I crave these all the time. Eli and I have been frequents at Dairy Queen after naptime for an Arctic Rush and a small fry.

Then one night I was laying in bed and I could smell Mr.Clean it was just in my nose. I don't use Mr.Clean around the house after cleaning my dad's office building for years and using Mr.Clean in the bathrooms I really didn't want to ever smell that again. But in that moment all I could smell was the beautiful fresh lemon scent and I needed more of it. The next morning we rushed off to Walmart for Mr.Clean and baby brain set in and I got home and couldn't believe I had forgotten the one prized thing I went there for. I txted Aaron and asked him to stop at the store and bring home the biggest bottle of Mr.Clean he could find for lunch. 

Things started out pretty normal I thought I would wash the kitchen cupboards you know a nice fall cleaning. Washed the floors it was magical the smell was great I came in from getting the mail and it was like walking into heaven, the next day though the smell was gone so I washed the kitchen counter after breakfast with some Mr.Clean that was lovely but again the smell was gone.

I wondered if they made air fresheners of this bald man cleaning solution. So like any normal person I googled it and ya no such thing. So I got out a shot glass and filled the glass with some Mr.Clean and set it beside the sink it was just what I needed a fresh breeze of it everytime I walked past the sink. Perfect.

Well things have got a little more intense around here and now in the morning I fill the sink with a cap full of Mr.Clean and water and it sits all day! It's working out really great. 

Don't worry all I have asked my doctor and done tons of googling it is safe. Especially when diluted with water and we have a pretty big house with lots of ventilation Im not sitting on the couch watching Ellen with a bottle of it and im certainly not drinking it, but I shall warn you when you come over be prepared to smell Mr. Clean.

Just for future reference incase any of you other pregnant gals have a craving for Mr.Clean I purchased this 2.5x Mr.Clean gel, thinking I would get more bang for my buck but the smell isn't as great and its a gel not a liquid so just buy the regular stuff!

Anyone else have any interesting cravings?

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