Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Canvas Prints

I love canvas prints and pretty much every picture hanging on our home is a canvas.

I order from Shutterfly for large format prints and Paper Coterie for small to medium prints.
I like the way the fabric stretches all around the edges and is 3D looking. 

This 20x30 wedding canvas hung in our living room until just recently it was replaced with a 16x20 family print. 

In our bedroom above the bed another 20x30 wedding canvas.

In the basement hallway a newborn print from Paper Coterie 16x20. 

We had this wall niche made in our basement that this Canvas fits perfectly in another 20x30 size of Aaron's Tour Champ Trophy from this season.

See a theme here haha! A lot of 20x30 prints. Go big or go home! But for real if you have the room go for a bigger one its more striking and beautiful. 

Shutterfly offers coupons often and discount prices on almost anything on their website including canvas prints.

Paper Coterie is the same and has great deals throughout the year. I have never paid full price for any canvas print, and that makes me happy everyone likes a SALE! 

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